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OK – so maybe that is not even a word up there!

But hey…I was very blessed last week to spend five days on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise meeting and greeting people and being all around tropical and active! I committed to totally ignore all social media while spending time with my husband and ministering to other couples…and it was awesome!

Hubby and I had the pleasure of emcee’ing the nightly entertainment on the big stage and that was so much fun! I kept asking him to pinch me as I stood chatting with crazy amazing entertainers who love the Lord and minister to others through song, humor and magic!

I also had the amazing joy of spending lots of time with my fellow contributors over on MomLife TodayCrystal Paine and Dannah Gresh!  Too, too much fun!

Since I have been home I got right back into my momlife.  A college visit weekend with my daughter and then today…I had the EXTRA amazing fun of sitting with my son at the DMV as we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited … and then waited some more – but I am happy to announce we now have another driver in the Eyster household. So much for my new found “stardom” on stage, momlife is alive and well back here on dry land – HA!

My son thinks having a license is real glamorous too…but he will be in for a big surprise because what having a license actually means is I now have license to send him out to get milk, run errands and all around be my “go get it” guy!  That’s a whole different form of cruisin!



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RoMANtic Done Right Sat, 11 Feb 2012 03:38:43 +0000 Tracey

Valentine’s Day is approaching…are you filled with anticipation?

I get that we women long for romance and wonder what our husband’s might be planning for us, but how about a change of plans this year? How about this year you plan something special for him?

Maybe just suggest to him this weekend that you are going to make all the Valentine’s Day plans – whether you prepare a meal at home, or make reservations to go out, you take the initiative to create a romantic interlude.

I have always preferred the at home route…our children enjoy a pizza and movie picnic in a separate room for our romantic dinner at home. The best part of the night are the giggles we would get when they’d peek around the corner and see their parents enjoying a quiet dinner together!

Modeling loving each other well is a wonderful Valentine’s gift for your children – and one they will carry with them into adulthood!

Looking for the perfect gift for hubby to top the night off? Are you aware you could do this at zero monetary cost?

Get a medium sized box, put nothing in it, wrap it up in extravagant red and white wrapping or with simple white tissue paper and a big red bow. When he opens it give him a knowing smile and let him know that’s your new night gown.

Simple…but effective roMANce!




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Teen Watch Thu, 09 Feb 2012 22:41:12 +0000 Tracey

Raising teenagers really is a wonderful thing and the relational bond made through the years serves as an anchor in times of tumult.

In so many ways we as parents are given the opportunity to help our teens understand and navigate the world around them. Now, more than ever, that navigation requires intentional steering and a hand always at the ready to toss out a life preserver of truth.

Teens really do want to be spoken into, even if they initially roll those eyes, they are longing to be part of a conversation that enlightens and advises.

I recently read an article that discussed a disturbing social phenomenon that “pretty” is no more, now it’s all about being “hot” – and sadly that observation is true.

From the time I was very young I have been adept at people watching – you learn a lot about others by simply observing. Find an opportunity to observe the kids that your teens (and pre-teens) hang out with. The next sporting event you attend don’t watch the players on the court or field, watch the players in the stands.

Join me at MomLife Today to learn why observation leads to great opportunities to steer your teens towards a better course.

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Stay The Course? Wed, 08 Feb 2012 04:08:12 +0000 Tracey
When your first born goes off to college there are so very many challenges.
Letting go, trusting God, an empty bedroom, a smaller ketchup bottle, no more long brown hair stuck in the vacuum cleaner brush, one less place setting, a sad cat, less conversation – I could make a lengthy list.
I could cry me a river too.
But I choose not to – I have spent the last 19 years training her for this time in her life and quite frankly, she is ready. She has stepped into her new life and is thriving. She has chosen friendships well, she is chasing after God, she is loving others, she spends time in the school library often…and the chapel. And down in the creek bed – she’s always been drawn to Him in creation.
As parents we hope and pray that what we teach them daily, what we model to them daily will become their own.
It has…and more.
Moms – keep pouring into your children. Before you know it, you too will be sitting on an empty bed, hugging a worn and well loved stuffed animal.
I assure you that every single MOMent you spent giving of yourself to her will be worth it.
Stay the course.
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Sufficient Courage Tue, 31 Jan 2012 01:36:38 +0000 Tracey

Last week I wrote a post sharing the fact that I am sometimes unable to do or say what God is asking me to do and oddly this used to not be an issue for me.  But I have been plagued by this desire to hide, rather than allow my light to shine. I am consistently finding myself paralyzed by fear and though intellectually and spiritually I know that is a wrong attitude…I still seem to go there.

Yesterday God through a brick at me.

In the form of the sermon at church and the music we sang during our praise and worship time.  I mean really…did the Pastor read my blog and build his sermon around my post last week?

Suffice it to say I am now spending time intently studying Philippians 1:12-30 as it so directly is related to the battle I have been in for the past several months.

I do want to be courageous and speak the words God has given me to speak, understanding that in doing so I will encourage others to speak of His goodness and truth.  I need not concern myself with others, or their motives, I need only speak and realize that as long as Christ is shared I should rejoice.  I need to in no way think I am unworthy to speak, or be ashamed – it is Him speaking through me.  I will let the joy that surges through me be evidenced as Christ’s joy and not hold back for fear of offending or calling attention to myself.  It is not me, it is Him through me.   I will stand firm for the gospel and not be frightened by what anyone thinks of me.  I will believe, I accept what has been granted unto me for Christ’s sake regardless of the suffering.  I will boldly glorify God with my life.

I will not believe the enemy and his lies, I will trust God.  My joy influences people for the Father and joy is the enemy of the evil one…I will not allow the evil one to steel my joy.  I will persevere, I know the truth about how to have joy and I will share it and no longer be silenced.

Joy is the intense fulfillment of carrying out God’s’ intention for me.  I know what His intention for me is and I will joyfully speak and bring Him glory!

It is all about Him and I have sufficient courage to obey!

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Texting Pick Me Up Sat, 28 Jan 2012 01:02:45 +0000 Tracey

I was moseying along during the day yesterday, minding my own business – actually I was cleaning a bathroom. Such is the glamorous life of a mom expecting a house full of couples for a good old fashioned deep Biblical discussion.

Part of me wanted to fore-go the cleaning and just let my son’s mess speak for itself – “This is our home, we do live in it and our guest bathroom happens to also be my 15 year old son’t bathroom and he nor I have done our chores for nearly two weeks!”  I know…that’s kinda yucky, but we were out of town, he was staying with friends and we are all still trying to catch up!

But gee, company was coming.  It might shock you to learn I decided not to run the sweeper…I really am so over the “my home must be perfect to be a good mom” lie!

So…any-who I hear the familiar “ping” on my very old iphone and I bolted towards it to see who was wanting to connect.  You do that once you have a child in college – truly… any connection from the former occupant of your daily home and heart life is craved.

There to my hopeful eyes was a text from my girl, my Freshman in college, my “I do miss you mom” girl…and here is what it said:

“$96,261 a year, what the average homemaker is worth. According to…hmm, the people on the radio who were talking about taxes and money and stuff. Just thought you might find that interesting. Love you momma!”

It appears I am a millionaire…with a sparkly bathroom and a dirty floor!
Truth be told, the payment I receive in raising thriving teens is far better than the millions!
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You Don’t Matter Lie Wed, 25 Jan 2012 17:01:24 +0000 Tracey

Safely tucked away in my familiar surroundings of home I thrive, as God and I stroll along peacefully together. Comfortable, quiet, easily heard. When my home is filled with family, friends and laughter, that too is a reflection of God’s love for me, therefore I am at ease.

It’s when I leave the sanctuary of my home that the doubts always come, the pressing in on my formerly perceived clear calling from the Lord. It is as if all the blooming that occurs as I bask in His presence instantly wilts when I face the world.

Childhood insecurities, work environment remembrances, fear of pharasitical judgement…all result in my confidence lying crumpled in a heap. The bashful ten year old girl emerges and the thoughts that my voice does not matter paralyzes me. What He whispers in my heart that surges through me as life giving truth that must be boldly shared…becomes a fuzzy remembrance.

“Not me.”

Why do I allow the world to so easily cloud and stop short, even stunt, the growth that the sonshine nurtures?

I yearn for the power to break free and boldly, without fear…obey.

God is able.

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Multi-Generational Mom Gathering Tue, 24 Jan 2012 00:00:19 +0000 Tracey

Last week I was scurrying around trying to wrangle a large group and keep them engaged and entertained…it was hard work, but well worth it when I saw how much fun they were having and how well they were connecting.

Nope, it was not a group of kids…it was a group of moms! Amazingly, even though MomLife Today was founded in 2008 this was the first time we had all gathered together to meet and dream about our individual ministries and the ministry of MomLife Today.

I hope you will join me over at MomLife Today, where I share the profound effect it hand on me to meet these amazing moms.

It is truly amazing that I met so many of these moms on line and that God uses social media for His purposes!

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Roof Crashers Thu, 12 Jan 2012 14:28:50 +0000 Tracey

There are times in my momlife where I sit in amazement of who my children are becoming.

He sheepishly walked in from Echo – the Wednesday night youth gathering at our church – and as he looked up at me I could see emotion in his face. He grinned slightly and averted his eyes. My mom senses picked up on something…something big.

“Are you OK?” I inquired.

“Yeah…well…it was a really good night,” he offered.

“Have you been crying?”

“Um…yeah…I am just so happy, and blessed…to have such great friends. After church we gathered in a circle and we prayed for each other and I just kept thinking how blessed I am to have such amazing Godly friends. I told them we were going to be known as the Roof Crashers from on.”

Spend some time reading Luke 5:17-26 and you’ll see the enormity of that proclamation.

This is the same boy who at age five was screamed at on the playground, “Go away – we don’t like you, we don’t want to play with you.” The same boy who has received a good amount of ribbing because he chooses to step away when conversations go south. (Which trust me moms, amongst boys, happens more than we would all like to admit!)

As I have pondered my sons sheer joy over who he spends time with I am reminded that we all need to surround ourselves with authentic relationship.

Do you have Roof Crashers in your life? I encourage you to stop right now and pull out your note cards and write each one of them a good old fashioned hand written note of gratitude and let them know just how much you love and appreciate them.

Come back to visit and I’ll share with you just why I think that son of mine has the desire to seek authentic relationship…it does take some parental modeling, but obviously it is worth the effort!


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Interviewing A Model Wed, 11 Jan 2012 15:49:25 +0000 Tracey

I really enjoy interviewing people for MomLife Today because being able to share what others are doing to glorify God, that in process speaks into the lives of moms, makes me silly happy!

Confession time…knowing that I was interviewing an International model made me feel silly awkward…like my former awkward pre-teen self. No pressure there…sitting on camera opposite a woman who has been on magazine covers. Gee thanks.

I chose, yes chose, not to “go there” with the comparison trap…and approached the interview with a brave, and yes, happy heart! I even got silly happy because Rachel Lee Carter is a “true beauty” and is an amazing mom and has a passion to speak into the lives of teens (and their moms) about the importance of modesty!

If you would like to “meet” Rachel Lee Carter hop on over to MomLife Today and you can see my video interview and listen to her on FamilyLife Today!


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